Wild Animal Diseaes

Wild Animal Diseaes

Small animals can be bagged in plastic and placed in the outdoor garbage can for disposal. If the owner of the domestic animal is not known or can't be located, contact local animal control. For disposal of dead wild animals, contact your city, county, or local health department for advice.

Rabies. This is one of the most important and the most dangerous diseases that can be transmitted by wild animals, and while many people will associate the disease mainly with dogs, it is actually a condition that can be transmitted by most animals. In the majority of cases in the United States, rabies is transmitted by raccoons, bats and foxes. The symptoms of the disease in both humans and animals .

- Listeriosis is the most common associated clinical diseases found in the ruminants and they may include mastitis, septicemia, abortion and encephalitis. - Giardia is a flagellate protozoan found in intestinal tract of many wild and domestic animals and it may lead to diarrheal disease.

The JWD publishes the results of original research and observations dealing with all aspects of infectious, parasitic, toxic, nutritional, physiologic, developmental and neoplastic diseases, environmental contamination, and other factors impinging on the health and survival of free-living or occasionally captive populations of wild animals, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

Common Wildlife Diseases. Maintaining a healthy population of wildlife is important for many reasons. Emerging infections in wildlife have led to declines in species and species diversity around the globe. Some types of wildlife pathogens can also affect people, pets or livestock and therefore have important human health, welfare, and economic.

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  1. Wild animals that are susceptible include red foxes, coyotes, white-tailed deer, gray and fox squirrels and black bears. Only the mites that affect red foxes and coyotes (sarcoptic mites) are known to cause any health issues in humans and pets. and these instances are rare and easily treatable with medication.

  2. One of the most common diseases that people can get from animals is rabies. It is an acute disease that is caused by a virus. It can infect warm-blooded animals, including humans, and can be fatal when left untreated. It is important that you scrub the area with soap and water, and apply iodine o any first aid solution. Then head to the emergency room right away. Hantavirus is another disease human can get from wild animals.

  3. WDA Continues to Support One Health. For more than 60 years Wildlife Disease Association has published what is now called One Health research, facilitated One Health solutions to wildlife conservation challenges, and promoted One Health education. For over 30 years WDA's One Health mission has been to "acquire, disseminate, and apply knowledge of the health and diseases of wild animals .

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